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It's not a location.

It's not a mineral.

It's a world leading concept

in power storage design,

production, research, operations, technology, and applications. 

 W.A. Leads the way

in a global platform

     for collaboration.

Lithium Valley is a concept and is an initiative driven by Western Australian companies that are dedicated to facilitating and enabling the development of secondary and tertiary processing of lithium and critical raw materials (such as cobalt, vanadium, graphite and rare earths) in Kwinana, just south of Perth.

For industry by industry.

Located in the Western Trade Coast area, Kwinana is one of the most integrated, efficient and productive industrial estates in the world, servicing oil & gas, petrochemical, defence, resources and agricultural sectors for over 60 years. Lithium Valley offers a highly skilled work force, refining, fabrication, chemical, services and a vast support industry.


Open For Business

Home to the largest reserves of energy metals in the world, WA offers opportunities to participate in any and every step of the supply chain. With the container port at Fremantle and the pending development of the Kwinana Outer Harbour deepwater container port, WA offers advanced road, rail and existing infrastructure.

Establishing your
tech start-up with Lithium Valley

Key Inputs into design

Global platform for collaboration

Access to industrial symbiosis exchanges

Facilitated industrial park – concierge service



International capital and expertise


to resources

Access to skilled workforce

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