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LiV Park

LiV Park aims to be internationally disruptive by establishing a centre that allows new companies to enter and existing companies to expand in the energy transformation business. This would be one of the largest energy transformation Industrial Parks in the world and builds on Western Australia’s unique advantages in this sector. Energy transformation will emphasise the power storage and electric vehicles sectors. LiV Park provides the environment for start-up companies to be more dynamic, agile and more rapidly innovate.  

"Industrially & Commercially focused."

Rather than seeing globalisation as negative, LiV Park aims to maximise the benefits from around the world with a local emphasis. The creation of an “innovation centre, nest or hub” that connects businesses, technology, the authorities, financing, suppliers and customers globally.

LiV Park is a not for profit association registered in Western Australia



LiV Park provides concierge services to support start-ups and entrepreneurs as well as supporting the growth of existing companies

Permits & Approvals 

Industrial Symbiosis

Media & Marketing 

Location & Facilities 

Employee & Visas

Capital Raising 

Finance & Advisory 

Training/ Education Programs

Government Support 

Planning & Infrastructure

Supply Chain 

Freight & Logistics 

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